Cloth Face Masks: The Eco-friendly Alternative

Cloth Face Masks: The Eco-friendly Alternative

Organic Face Masks

The eco-friendly choice

How can we, as consumers, choose an eco-friendly alternative for the environment whilst being protected from COVID-19? When it comes to masks, a good and sustainable approach could be choosing reusable masks rather than buying disposable ones.

Many disposable face masks are made of petroleum-derived plastic and with the inappropriate disposal that is happening with the current situation they end up in the oceans, contributing to plastic pollution.

Face Mask Disposal

Besides being necessary for medical use, surgical face masks are not a sustainable option, as they need to be discarded responsibly and it is also important to avoid creating large amounts of unnecessary rubbish that come with the use of these type of masks.

Surgical Masks For Those Who Need Them

Surgical masks should be used by those in high risk, such as hospital staff members, who are advised to use this kind of masks, due to the fact that they have the highest level of protection.

These face masks are disposable and they should be discarded after one use. They are petrol-based and non-recyclable, making them harmful for the ecosystem, becoming a non-eco-friendly option.

Medical Face Masks Disposal

Cloth Face Masks: Sustainable, Reusable And Safe. Protect The Planet

Home-made cloth masks have become an interesting and sustainable alternative to surgical face masks. 

Although they are not certified, they are the most eco-friendly option for the environment. They are washable, reusable and recyclable. They are the best choice for conscious consumers that care about sustainability and environmentalism.

Cloth face masks should have multiple layers of fabric that allow breathing easily. They should also be durable and strong enough to fit the face appropriately after washing. Cloth masks that meet these criteria can be considered safe.

 Organic Face Masks

If you, as a conscious consumer, want to make a greater postive impact on the environment, think about buying organic, as organically grown fabrics do not use any pesticides, chemicals or harmful substances and the amount of water used during the cultivation of the plant is drastically reduced.

Also consider buying locally, from independent responsible businesses, which will incur in a lower carbon footprint and you will be helping a small business owner in these unprecedented times. 

Our Eco-Friendly And Organic Face Masks

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