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We are so excited to introduce our first article and the topic could not be other than sustainable fashion!
Ethical Clothing
We all know that fast fashion prices are very tempting when it comes to shopping, but what about the environmental impact this action will cause? It can take up to 200 years for a piece of clothing to decompose. How crazy is that! Fast fashion leaves behind a huge environmental footprint. From pesticides and chemicals used to grow the cotton, extreme water and electricity consumption, to landfill waste; not to mention all those chemicals landing in the water and affecting the health of those in the supply chain.
As Melissa Nataadiningrat, a renowned brand and product innovator, once explained in the magazine Forbes: “Microplastics are a huge concern for not only the environment, but also our health. These synthetic fibers are forms of plastic, and every time you wash fabrics made from these fibers, microplastics are breaking off, and many eventually end up in the oceans, ocean life, and our mouths”.
No Pollution

Luckily, in recent years, sustainability has become an important topic and makes some people think twice before buying cheap clothes. Today consumers are more conscious about what they eat, the skincare they use. They are more aware of the benefits of organic and ethical products, those free from chemicals or harmful substances. These consumers are also changing their shopping decisions when it comes to garments and they tend to go for a more sustainable option, as it is beneficial for the skin and health, and also they contribute to a cleaner environment and reduce carbon emissions.
But sustainability is not only about buying organic cotton, hemp or bamboo, it takes into account from the supply chain of a piece of clothing to its life cycle. It is important for consumers to know how the garment is done, the work conditions and ethics of the supplier, are we talking about fairtrade here? The quality of the garment, is it made to last? The amount of overstock and wasted fabric, how does the company deal with this issue? Does it work on a made-to-order basis? Does it recycle all the waste? All these questions are important for conscious consumers that want to make a positive impact in the environment.
Recycled Skirt
Upcycled Bags
In choosing sustainable brands that provide timeless quality outfits, you reduce your waste as well as the amount of clothing that you buy, which means saving money on the long term, as you won´t be buying unnecessary clothes frequently.
It is easy to forget the power you have as a consumer. Say bye to money wasting fast fashion, curate your own style, and wear clothes that you truly love and reflect you.
I made my choice and you, have you made yours? Let us know your thoughts and advice.
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