Our natural bags. The process

Our natural bags. The process


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Reed Basket Bags

Our bags are completely handcrafted. The entire process is sustainable and eco-friendly. The raw material used is reed, harvested once a year during summer and dried naturally through the traditional method of sun drying for about two or three weeks.

The reeds are organised in bunches, some of which are treated to get a lighter colour, and some others are dyed using a natural colouring process. The bunches are cut with axes to get the desired size and then taken to the loom, where they are woven manually, with no pedal.

Reed Bunches Cutting

It takes between 8 to 16 hours to make each bag, which is 100% handmade. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in a small scale production, thus allowing us to give you a premium quality product and a sense of individuality and personality. 

Let's have a look at the process in more detail.


Harvest & Preparation of Raw Reed

Reed harvesting in North Portugal and natural sun drying 

cortar o junco, matérias amigas do ambiente

Large bunches are separated into smaller ones to get ready to create the different panels of the bag

made by nature

The reed is washed to remove impurities

Reed Natural Colouring

Seeds are removed and reed sticks are divided into light and dark bunches, the last ones to be dyed with natural colouring
Natural Reed Dying

Natural Dyes

Reed and jute are dyed




Sustainable Loom Weaving

Natural jute is used to weave the reeds and create the panels the traditional and sustainable way

Panel Weaving

The bag pieces are woven in different patterns and colours


Organic Bag Weaving  

Hand sewing the panels together

cortar excesso de junco

Cutting excess reed from the panels



Eco Friendly Coating

An eco-friendly protective finish is applied to protect from water and preserve color

Eco Leather

Eco-friendly leather is used for closures and, in some designs, for laterals, handles and straps


Manual placement of hardware

Natural Reed Bag Handles

The wicker for the handles must be immersed in water for a few hours so it can be twisted to create the handles

Eco Fastening

Then, the fastening is placed

details that matter

Final color retouch

Rainbow Natural Reed Bag

Final result: durable premium quality, timeless matching mum and mini-me bags, ethically made with natural materials by artisans 


What do you think of this traditional process?


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