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Our Organic Cotton T-shirts. Why do we choose organic?

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton. The sustainable choice

Cotton is one of the most used fabrics in the manufacturing of textiles, from tea towels in our kitchen, to the T-shirts we wear daily. Due to the huge production of cotton in the world, it is not surprising that traditional methods of growing this fibre entail risks for the environment. These techniques involve the use of hazardous pesticides and fertilisers, over consumption of water and carbon emissions.

These are some of the reasons why we choose organic cotton as our main fibre at Dedais. Here is a more detailed list with its benefits:

1. No pesticides or fertilisers used 

In organic cotton farms, only natural techniques, such as crop rotation, are used. This way, no chemicals end up damaging the water or ecosystems, and the health of workers remains safe.

2. It is eco-friendly

By using natural methods, carbon emissions are lower than traditional techniques (up to 46% less). Growing organic cotton also means less energy consumption, which contributes to prevent climate change

Positive Environmental Impact

3. Production is cheap

The use of natural resources means no extra cost is added to the bill of the farmers. No added cost for pesticides or fertilisers, and zero cost for genetically modified seeds.

4. Farmers' health remains safe

The fact that no harmful substances are used in the production of organic cotton means that farmers' health is not exposed to dangerous risks.

5. It is good for sensitive skin

Last but not least, organic cotton prevents allergies and it is gentle on sensitive skin. Not to mention the benefits this type of cotton has on babies and kids. 

Organic Baby Clothing

If you ever thought or are thinking about swapping to organic cotton, now is the moment! Not only is your skin benefiting from its properties, but you are also contributing to make a positive impact in the environment.

Wear organic cotton! 

Need some inspiration? You can see some of Dedais organic T-shirts here 

Also available for kids here

Organic Cotton T-shirt Woman
If you are interested in reading more about organic cotton, click here to go to the Soil Association page.
I hope you find this article useful and informative. Now you know a bit more about Dedais ethos and our reasons to choose organic cotton in our designs.
Stay safe and eco!
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