Tips to Shop Consciously on Black Friday

Tips to Shop Consciously on Black Friday

It's that time of the year again, when mass consumerism is expected to happen in the biggest shopping holiday. IN JUST ONE WEEKEND!!! 

So I thought I would let you know how Dedais feels about BLACK FRIDAY:

🌿 As a sustainable and slow brand 🌿

❌ We are against overproduction and overconsumption

❌ We are against modern slavery

❌ We are against fast fashion

✅ We support social and environmental causes

✅ We support ethically sourced and ethically made products

✅ We support brands that are conscious with the environment

✅ We support handmade products

✅ We support small and local businesses
If you do buy this Black Friday because you need some essentials, and this is a good opportunity to get them at a more affordable price, please do it consciously. Here are some tips that can help you shop ethically. 

1) Write a list

We know all those eye-catching adverts with amazing discounts are very tempting, but before heading online, make a list of what you really need. Do you actually need it or do you just want it? We know it is hard sometimes, but think about if you are going to make use of that product and if it necessary for you. 

2) Think Twice before Purchasing

Before buying something, ask yourself a few questions.

- Who made the product you are buying?

- What are their working conditions and wage?

- What material is the product made of? Is it eco-friendly?

- Where is it made?

3) Buy less, choose well

As designer Vivienne Westwood always says: 'Buy less, choose well'. Investing in good quality products actually saves you money on the long run. These products will be in your wardrobe a lifetime. Avoid trends that only last for several months, as those products will probably end in landfill. Instead, buy timeless items that you can wear any season. Only buy items that you truly love, so you will never get bored of them.  

4) Look in your wardrobe first

Before buying, check what you have in your wardrobe. Think about how that product would fit. Can you wear it with different clothes? Can you style it in many different ways? If you don't, there is a good chance you won't wear it.

5) Shop local and small

It is a fact that buying from a small business is a completely different experience than buying from a big company. The passion and love can be seen in each product. You get a unique item every time you buy from independent brands. They might take a different approach to Black Friday, like Dedais, that are donating 30% of profits made during the Black Friday weekend to plant trees. Show your support, you are investing in something really worthwhile and beneficial for the environment.

What do you think about Black Friday? We love to hear your sustainable initiatives to help our planet. Leave a comment with your alternatives to Black Friday.

Let's make this Friday Green again 💚

✅ Help us make an impact ✅
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