Valentine's Day. An eco-friendly gift guide

Valentine's Day. An eco-friendly gift guide

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is a especial date where we show some extra love to our partner, but for the environment, Valentine’s Day is not such a jolly day. As you might be aware, most people use cards as a gift, which end up as landfill waste and contribute to deforestation.

Here is a guide with some sustainable gift ideas for this especial day.


1. Cards

Valentine's cards are one of the most popular gifts. They are a great way to show how you feel to your partner or friend.

But what about choosing a more eco-friendly alternative to the usual paper cards? This year, use technology and get an e-card instead. Quick and easy. Best of all, zero footprint left behind. Your loved one will be delighted.

Have you seen our range of Valentine's Day cards? Personalise it with your partner's details. Take a look.


2. Original Gifts

Last year has taught us the importance of making more sustainable choices in our lives. We are more conscious about the environment than we were before. We learnt about how fast fashion (amongst others) is destroying our planet. That is why more people are buying sustainable fashion, either from conscious brands or vintage. 

When you buy from a small, sustainable brand, you are not only helping the environment, but you are also helping the people behind the brand, sometimes run by just one person or two, with a family, who needs that income to survive. 

If you buy from an independent brand, you can choose an original present for your partner. What about matching hoodies or t-shirts? Isn't it the cutest gift ever? At Dedais, you can find organic tops to match with your partner, and even your children, if you are parents. Just the perfect Valentine's Day present. Check the styles here. 


3. Romantic meal

What is more romantic than preparing a Valentine's Day meal together?

Head to your local or farmer's market and see what seasonal fruits and vegetables are available. Buy organic food, whenever possible, so you know you are eating food with no pesticides or toxic components.

Make the room cosy and enjoy! 


3. Chocolate

Most people love a box of chocolates. Go for fair trade and organic options from small businesses (if possible). You will be buying the best chocolate and helping those families. Choose dark chocolate, as it is beneficial for your health. It lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol.



A couple of brands you might like:

 As you can see, there no need for a flamboyant celebration. You just need the right gift and the right company. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. 

I hope you find this guide useful.

 To a more sustainable lifestyle!


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