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Our Organic Cotton T-shirts. Why do we choose organic?

At Dedais we choose organic cotton as our main fibre for our sustainable designs. This type of cotton has many benefits: it is eco-friendly, as no chemicals are used in its production, which has a positive impact for the environment; it is gentle on sensitive skin and on babies and kids skin; it prevents risks on farmers health and it is cheaper to produce than traditional cotton. 

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Slow Fashion Explained

Slow fashion is a ‘global movement’ which advocates for slow production and consumption, respecting people, animals and the environment.Slow fashion is the opposite to the fast fashion business model. Its aim is to preserve the environment and crafts, using high quality eco-friendly materials.

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Valentine's Day. An eco-friendly gift guide

Valentine's Day   Valentine’s Day is a especial date where we show some extra love to our partner, but for the environment, Valentine’s Day is not such a jolly day. As you might be aware, most people use cards as a gift, which end up as landfill waste and contribute to deforestation. Here is a guide with some sustainable gift ideas for this especial day.   1. Cards Valentine's cards are one of the most popular gifts. They are a great way to show how you feel to your partner or friend. But what about choosing a more eco-friendly alternative to the usual paper cards? This year, use technology and get an e-card instead. Quick and easy. Best of all, zero...

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