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Beach Bag Raffia Natural Straw
Beach Bag Raffia Natural Straw
Beach Bag Raffia Natural Straw

Beach Bag Raffia Natural Straw

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This shopper bag is ethically made in the North West of Spain. Handwoven by local artisans using traditional techniques.

It has an organic cotton fabric top, that can be closed with a zip and an interior pocket. It has two short hand dyed leather handles and two long handles.

This shopper bag is ideal for your plastic-free shopping, a day in the beach, a picnic or just to explore the city.

Crafted from locally sourced straw, hand-dyed leather and vegetable-based dyes.


- Handwoven organic straw

- Full vegetable-tanned leather

- Toxic-free metal pieces

- Organic fabric


Cleaning:Use a slightly damp cloth and wipe gently, avoiding the leather parts. A few drops of oil can be used

Maintenance:Repeat process every month or when required

Storage:Keep in a dry place. Humidity can cause mould, as the bag is made of a natural material. If this happens, place bag in a dry place for 2 to 3 days. Then remove the mould by brushing it gently

Nude leather only:Nude leather is undyed. If exposed to sunlight it will change colour